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Did Flooding Damage Your Business?

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

When a Hartford County area warehouse has flooding, our office staff knows that our response needs to be immediate.

Not only is the structure of your warehouse at risk, the building also holds your valuable merchandise and equipment. Yes, your losses will be covered by your insurance policy. However, damaged inventory will cause a significant loss of business continuity for most companies and present a hassle that most business owners would rather avoid!

When we arrive on scene after a water damage call at a commercial property, we come equipped to start the clean up process.

One of our property managers will walk through the structure with you to assess the damage and discuss a restoration plan that will work around your needs.  For large warehouses, SERVPRO can mobilize truck-mounted water extractors capable of removing hundreds of gallons of water in one go. Where standing water reaches a level above two inches, we can deploy gas-powered pumps that transport excess liquid to an open sewer point. 

We work to restore your structure while also protecting your business assets, whether that is your inventory, important documents, machinery or vehicles.

If necessary, our Commercial Property Restoration team will package up and relocate any of contents of your warehouse that cannot safely remain there during clean up.  Should the administrative wing of your warehouse suffer damage, priority is placed on protecting your computers, servers and important paper documents that hold valuable company information.  

Whether your property has water damage due to a flooded basement, broken sprinkler system or HVAC leak, it’s our business to help your business. 

Heavy Rains Cause Water Damage to Basements

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

When heavy rain floods a basement, the contents in the basement are often damaged as well as the structure.

When you hire SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford to restore your home after water damage, our crew members will assist you and your insurance adjustor in determining which of your possessions are salvageable.  

There are a few factors which typically determine whether an item should be saved or replaced. For example, the type of water that has flooded the home is an important factor in determining what stays and what goes. 

Typically, porous fabrics such as mattresses, pillows, carpeting and particle board cannot be salvaged due to the amount of water they absorb. However, there are cases in which we are able to clean area rugs and wood if we are called to the job quickly and the piece has not become oversaturated.  

Our ability to be on the job quickly helps us minimize damage to personal possessions that have water damage. The perfect example of this is wooden furniture. It takes quite a bit of time for it to really absorb and become completely water logged. When we get personal belongings out of the standing water and begin the drying process right away, we have a better chance of being able to save them. 

The SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford team has the experience in caring for the belongings of your New Haven County home. We understand that it can be difficult to part with treasured items, and do our best to help save them. 

You've had water damage to your home and are stressed. We can help.

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

When you’ve had water or fire damage at your Woodbridge area home or business, your first step after the flooding has been stopped or fire is out will be to find a restoration company.

Unless you have a family member or friend who swears by a particular company that they’ve had experience with, you will find yourself typing in a internet search and trying to choose a company based on the results. 

We understand that it’s hard to pick a trustworthy company from the internet, especially when you may be in a state of distress and under a time constraint.  Internet ratings and reviews such as on Google and Facebook are a good way to see what kind of experience others in your community have had with a company. We also recommend that you make sure potential restoration company meets the following criteria:

  1. Choose Local. When your house has damage, it’s important that the company you hire is locally owned and operated. The last thing that you need during the restoration process is being out on hold by a customer service representative in another state. SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is locally owned and our office staff and technicians live here too. They understand the unique situation that you are in first hand. 
  2. Check Credentials. Make sure that the restoration company that you hire is fully licensed to do restoration and contracting work in the state of Connecticut. A certified restoration professional demonstrates that the company has received extensive training and is in good standing. The technicians on our staff are IICRC certified and skilled in using high-tech restoration equipment and employing advanced restoration methodologies.
  3. Use only an Insured Restoration Company. Insurance protects the technicians working onsite as well as you, the property owner. Any injuries to the homeowner or workers that result from the restoration process are covered by general liability insurance. Damage to the property itself that occurs as a consequence to the restoration work performed is also covered under the company’s insurance. 
  4. Inquire About the Companies Availability. When water disasters strike, such as in weather related flooding or frozen pipes, the damage is often widespread throughout the community. A small restoration company may not have the resources to respond to the job quickly and complete the work in an expedient manner. SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is available 24/7 and we have a large crew so when widespread damage occurs, we can meet ALL of our customers needs. 
  5. Ask for References. If you’d like to speak to a previous customer or two before hiring a restoration company, don’t be shy about asking for references. Choosing who to care for your home can be a big decision and having the assurance from somebody who has been in your situation can really help!

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

The drive around our area is a scenic one which passes by beautiful farms and bucolic New England towns. Although living in a rural area is beautiful, it can also present its own set of unique problems. 

When a local farm property recently experienced a fire in one of their outbuildings, they needed a company who knows “the lay of the land”. In addition to the need for business continuity and minimal disruption to the workflow of the farm while the clean up was ongoing, environmental concerns are also a high priority when it comes to restoring an agricultural property. 

Our project manager who was in charge of the job understood the special conditions of this property restoration. Having been trained by the IICRC, he was able to knowledgeably create a restoration plan that included a detailed step by step process that would ensure the business owners and their farm were impacted as minimally as possible. 

Not all restoration companies in Connecticut are locally owned and operated. SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is. We understand the unique needs of business owners in the Waterbury area because we live here too. Doing good work for the people in our community is our number one priority.

Home fires are devastating. The restoration process doesn't have to be.

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

When your business or home has had a fire, the restoration process involves more than the structural restoration of your home.

In addition to cleaning the smoke from the air in your home and the soot off of the surfaces, SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford offers the following services:


In many cases in which there has been a fire, it is necessary to secure the openings of your home, such as the windows, doors and the roof. Our team uses sturdy, durable materials designed to protect homes from both the outside elements such as rain and snow as well as intrusion by outsiders. This is often one of the first actions we will take when we arrive at the job - even if it’s in the middle of the night.


After a fire, it may be necessary to move some or all of your personal belongings and furniture out of your home. This may be to protect your contents, to make the restoration and rebuild of your home easier and also in order to clean your things off site. Our franchise offers a pack out service and also has a dedicated storage facility in which we can store your items. Items such as carpeting, electronics, artwork and furniture might be restored off site by our technicians.


When your home or business has experienced a fire, it is important to take an inventory of the contents inside prior to anything being discarded or packed up. At SERVPRO, we use a system called the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), which allows us to generate comprehensive room-by-room inventories. As we go through the items , we will categorize the contents as salvageable, non-salvageable and questionable. This allows for easier contents settlement with your insurance company.

Home fires are devastating. The restoration process doesn't have to be. 

Your Carpets are Soaked - We Can Help.

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

What’s to be done about carpeting when you’ve had a flood in your home? 

Water damage restoration is not a “one size fits all” solution and while it’s true that carpeting is unsalvageable in many situations, that’s not always the case. 

How does our team overcome wet carpeting?

Our approach to carpet restoration and water extraction varies depending on the fiber count and thickness of the carpet itself, as short pile carpeting (glue down) absorbs less water than plusher options. The restoration of carpets requires a combination of several water removal tools exclusively designed for this porous flooring. Some of the devices and machines our team uses in this process include:

  • Carpet Wands –  The addition of specialty attachments like carpet wands to the wet vacuums and pumps already in use is a versatile implement to the extraction of water. These attachments are a focused vacuum head used on the surface of carpeting to pull the majority of moisture from the fibers and backing material. 
  • Weighted Extractors – When it is possible to restore the carpet, the padding, and the underlying material, it is critical to reduce their oversaturation quickly. The best approach for this is a weighted extraction option that utilizes a technician's weight on a stationary or ride-on unit. The heft of the machine and the operator press the carpet and padding against the subflooring to force moisture to the surface for removal.
  • Floating – Once most of the moisture has been removed by weighted extraction, floating the carpet by placing a centrifugal air mover between the carpet and padding layers dry both materials simultaneously.

It's not always obvious which carpeting can be saved. For a professional assessment of your water damage situation, give us a call!

The Green Machines

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Your Milford area business has had water damage. Perhaps a pipe has broken, a toilet overflowed or your coffee maker line sprung a leak.

You’ve called SERVPRO of Milford-Orange Stratford and have been assured that the crew is on their way to clean up the mess. After our property manager has inspected your property, work will begin based on their assessment. The crew will start to unload the trucks and begin work. While the bright green equipment is getting set up throughout your facility, you will likely wonder what all of it does.

When water damage occurs, we typically use the following equipment.

Air Mover and/or Axial Fans: Professional grade air movers and axial fans produce more air movement than a standard household fan. The higher volume of air being moved increases the rate of evaporation, helping to dry the structure as quickly as possible.

Dehumidifiers: A dehumidifier removes water vapor from the air by condensing it out against refrigerated fins. The water is stored and then periodically purged from the machine by use of plastic tubing. The tubing will generally be run so that it dumps water down a drain, such as a bath tub or sink, or sometimes out a window or door. Professional dehumidifiers pull much more vapor from the air than a household dehumidifier. In this way they are generally more efficient.

Air Scrubbers: An air scrubber might be used if your loss is a result of water classified as grey or black, which means that it came from a contaminated source or through building materials. These machines remove airborne particulates by trapping them in HEPA filters. Air Scrubbers are also used in cases where a customer has a health condition that requires the air quality be monitored.

Specialty Drying Equipment: There are a variety of different tools available to our technicians for use in specialty circumstances. For instance, a floor drying mat system allows the technician to create a vacuum system for removing moisture from hardwood floors, in order to try to dry them in place. This helps the floor dry faster, and generally gives us a better chance of saving the hardwood flooring.

If you have any questions about the equipment being used during the restoration of your commercial property, our crew chiefs and technicians are always available to explain the process and what the function of each of those machines in your building is.

We understand that our customers are not experts in water damage restoration. When you have water damage, we are here to help restore your property quickly and efficiently.

Who Will be Your Commercial Restoration Company?

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

When you own a business, you know the unexpected can occur. While you can't control everything that happens, you can have a plan in place for most events. Having a commercial restoration company on standby helps businesses to control the impact of fire damage and water damage.

When looking for a restoration company, keep the following criteria in mind. 

EFFICIENCY:  The key to getting back in business is swift action. Look for a company that has the staff and experience to get your business up amd running quickly.  You can't afford to be dealing with a slow moving restoration company. 

AVAILABILITY:  Does the company have staff on call during the weekends and on holidays?  What about nights? The company you hire needs to be ready to respond no matter what time and what day.

COMMUNICATION:  Is there a contact person you will have access to throughout the restoration process?Because of the resulting disturbances that come with damages resulting from flooding, leaks, and fire outbreaks, easy communication is key. 

SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is the areas leading commercial property damage restoration company for a reason. We are first to respond, our production managers are always available to answer questions- whether short or long, and we know that time is of the essence when getting your business back up and running. Give us a call to discuss how we can help. 

What Causes Water Damage in Milford Homes?

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

As a homeowner, you are at risk of experiencing water damage in your house.

This is true regardless of whether your house is old or new, big or small, in the country or in the city.  From supply line leaks to bathtub overflows to frozen pipes, our water damage restoration team has seen it all here in New Haven County. 

These are the most common causes of residential water damage that SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford responds to. 

Water Heater Leaks 

Usually located in the basement, a water heater leak can be an especially damaging event because it is not always immediately discovered. Water heater failures occur for a variety of reasons. Often, the leak is caused by a loose or faulty drain valve. Inspecting your heater’s valves and tightening them if needed is an easy way to avoid disaster.  As water heaters age, they can corrode and rust, causing degradation to the tank. This can cause your water heater to leak and flood your basement. 

Clogged Pipes 

Clogged pipes can occur due to several reasons but the result is eventually the same- water damage. Keep a lookout for the signs of a clogged pipe such as reduced water pressure. Look for small leaks from your pipes as well as mildew, mold and water stains on walls.  If water drains slowly in your sinks or shower, that is a sign that your pipes are partially clogged.  If you hear gurgling sounds when there is no water running through your pipes, that may indicate a clogged sewer line.  Educate your family on what items should be disposed of in your toilet to avoid a toilet clog. If you have a septic system, the regular use of enzymes in your toilet and shower drains can help keep them clear.  

Household Appliance Malfunctions 

We have seen water damage from all household appliances-especially refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. This can occur from a supply line leak – although the line is often small, the water that runs through it is unlimited. Supply lines can deteriorate and fail with age but we’ve even seen new lines break, so keep an eye behind your appliances for potential issues. Replacing rubber hoses with braided stainless steel ones will reduce your risk of a supply line leak. Washing machines can leak due to a water pump failure and broken door seals, gaskets and latches. Regular maintenance of your washing machine is recommended.

Frozen Pipes 

In Connecticut, frozen pipes are a common event and keep our crews busy through the winter months. Pipes usually freeze because the home or area of a home such as a sunroom is inadequately heated. The pipes are forced to expand due to the frozen water, causing the pipe to crack. When the temperature warms up, the water flows freely through the cracks, causing massive damage.   If you lose heat to your home due to a power outage during a snowstorm, feel your pipes to make sure they aren't freezing and use an alternative heat source if available.

Wet Basements 

On the Connecticut shoreline, basements are inherently damp. They are prone to flooding, and are the home to pipes that may leak. If you have high levels of moisture in your basement, install a dehumidifier to dry it out. Make sure that the ground around your home is graded away to reduce flooding. Check your foundation for any cracks that may be allowing water in and seal them up. Broken gutters that are not properly directing the water away from the house can also contribute to basement flooding.  

Sump Pump Failure 

A sump pump can be a life saver if you have a wet basement but if it fails, you can have major water damage. If your sump pump fails to operate, whether due to a power failure, or malfunction, the groundwater level around the foundation can rise to the point that it flows up and out of the sump onto the basement floor. Take the time to inspect your sump part regularly and check your basement if you have a power outage.  

Prompt action is the number one thing a homeowner can do if they have water damage. The sooner the restoration process begins, the less work that will need to be done. SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is New Haven County’s water restoration experts. Our team is highly trained and experienced. Call our office at (203) 301-0500 if your home is flooded with water.  

We're Here For You For the Big Things and the LIttle Ones

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

We often write about the high tech machinery, extensive training and proprietary cleaning agents that our franchises uses.

While it’s true that these things are a necessary and important component of our work here at SERVPRO,  it’s also the little things that we do that make our franchise special.

Sometimes, it’s cleaning and sanitizing a child’s favorite toy before any of the other household contents after a fire. It’s working around a business owner’s schedule as much as possible so that their business can keep running despite the damage. Or making sure that a customer understands the restoration process and what our crew will be doing each day while working in their home. It’s getting to your house quickly after a call and respecting your space while we are working there by being neat and courteous. It’s polishing each knickknack one by one and packing your special items with care. 

Yes, we are the team to call if you want highly trained technicians with expensive equipment cleaning up your water or fire damage. We are also the team that is committed to making your experience as easy as possible.