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Snowblower Precautions

Snow blowers are a great machine for removing snow!  However, please use caution this snow blowing season.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Saf... READ MORE

Storm Readiness: Emergency Supply Kits

It is highly recommended that you have an emergency supply kit ready to go!  Your emergency supply kit may be different depending upon the disaster th... READ MORE

When Disaster Strikes - We Are Here To Help!

When Disaster Strikes - We Are Here To Help!When a storm or disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford is poised and ready for whatever comes ou... READ MORE

Be Prepared: Tsunamis

Be Prepared: TsunamisDid you know tsunamis can hit the U.S. coastline? While they are more likely to hit states on the Pacific coastline or in the Caribbea... READ MORE

Fire Clean-Up

Commercial mitigation requires quick action. The faster we arrive on scene to a fire clean-up, the better the results. Within four hours of loss notification, w... READ MORE

Helpful Tips to Help Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing.

Winter is in full effect!  In an effort to help keep your pipes from freezing, consider the following tips:Outdoor Care:Disconnect all garden hoses and if ... READ MORE

Mysterious Mold In Attic Spaces!

Mysterious Mold in Attic Spaces!We all at some point have seen Mold, know someone that has mold or has heard of its damaging results. Microbial Growth can be fo... READ MORE

High Humidity Can Lead To Mold

High Humidity Can Lead To MoldShould you experience water damage to your home or business call in the experts immediately! While your contents may not be d... READ MORE

Information on Puffbacks

A puffback is an explosion inside the burner chamber of the furnace or boiler. Hot air systems use furnaces, and steam or hot water systems use boilers. The maj... READ MORE

Kitchen Fires...

Accidents happen and kitchen fires occur more frequently than we would like to think.  The above photos are taken from a small kitchen fire.  The fire... READ MORE